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Freedom landscaping is happy to announce our new Adopt-a-plant program

for Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and Tempe.

Adopt a Tree with Freedom Landscaping

Recycling Plants

Many clients have us remove plants, shrubs and trees from their yard to make room for new ones. Instead of throwing away these perfectly healthy plants and trees, we started our Adopt-a-plant program as a type of recycling program to extend our green lifestyle and make our community more environmentally friendly.

We know there are people who would love to give these plants and trees a new home so our program pairs people to unwanted plants. After all, we recycle everything else, why not plants too?

How the program works

We’ll give you the plant free of charge if you pick it up from us (we’re located in Queen Creek) or if you need us to install it for you, we will charge only the install fee (not for the plant itself).

Would you like to adopt?

If you are looking for a particular plant or tree, contact us to see if we have one looking for a new home OR we can put you on a list since we are constantly working on yards and never know when we might be asked to remove a plant or tree from someone’s yard.

Our goal isn't to profit on this program but to reduce the waste of perfectly good plants.