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Winter lawn installation for the East Valley

Freedom Landscaping Lawn Maintenance

Relax-Freedom Landscaping installs winter rye grass

Planting rye grass is hard work so call the professionals at Freedom Landscaping to install your winter lawn. We offer service to homes and businesses in the East Valley, including Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Mesa, San Tan Valley and Tempe.

You can sit back and enjoy the nice weather while our staff dethatches your summer grass and cuts it back to make room for the new grass. The process is often referred to as over-seeding since new grass is being planted over the existing Bermuda grass.

Why do you need winter rye grass installation?

With winter and summer climates in Arizona being so different, it’s necessary to have 2 types of grasses in the Phoenix area if you want a green lawn all year. In the summer, you need a grass that can withstand our 100+ degree weather and Bermuda grass does that. Since Bermuda grass is dormant during the winter, a winter grass (rye grass) is planted to grow during the winter.

With winter rye grass planted, you can enjoy a healthy, green lawn throughout the winter months. For many homeowners, it’s a required mandate so don’t wait to call as there’s a limited window for planting winter grass. Planting starts in late September and continues throughout October so call early to get on our schedule.

Lawn maintenance for seasonal grass Freedom Landscaping Winter Lawn Installation

Your rye grass will start to die in early May when the temps get to around 100. That’s your cue to stop watering for a couple of weeks and let it die out.

Don’t worry –your Bermuda grass didn’t die over the winter. It’s only dormant and when you start watering your lawn (after the rye grass has died), it’ll wake up. Soon you’ll have your green lawn back.

Free estimates on winter lawn installation

If you live in Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Mesa, San Tan Valley or Tempe, contact Freedom Landscaping AZ for your free estimate for winter lawn installation. Winter grass rates are $0.19/sq foot with a minimum of $85.00.

There is a limited time for winter grass installation as planting starts in late September and continues throughout October.
Free Estimates on Winter Lawn Installation from Freedom Landscaping

Winter lawn install services for the East Valley

  • Cutting back Bermuda grass
  • Dethatching lawn
  • Seeding of winter rye grass
  • Application of fertilizer

Regular lawn maintenance services are available to make sure your lawn looks green and lush year-round.